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Our Story

Darkness is ever vigilant and incessantly swelling, leaving little refuge in all of Valornís lands. The Demons are always lurking in the corners, ready to attack. Fighting is blatantly inevitable, draining the essence of every adventurer. People are in a constant struggle to survive this darkness, no option left but their armaments drawn, their eyes closed. Women do not struggle to stand equal beside men- the most prideful stand tall and unite to annihilate the evil that has overwhelmed the lands. They are resilient, proficient, and willing to sacrifice their lives for the Gods and the innocent- to free them from the binding malevolence. They grow stronger and more passionate with every thought. They train vigorously, enhancing every tangible and intellectual attribute. The foul that were once overwhelmingly powerful are now easily thrashed with might. These women of proclaimed status live in the forests of Valorn. These women are the spice of Valorn. They are the Amazons!

The Amazonian Clans of Valorn has four clans, each of which has its own respective Officer. For each of these clans the officer is Queen in the eyes of their guild mates. They do not carry royal bloodlines, but are special by the rights of those in the guild.

The House of Swords, led by Warrior Queen Cheyenne

The fierce women who train rigorously in the fine arts of weaponry and combat are the Amazonian Warriors. These women are very focused and fearless individuals that will not shy away from any challenge. The have every intent to rip Balthazar to shreds and keep Valorn pure. With the weight of their hearts borne on the hilt of their swords, they slash through obstacles with brute womanpower and strength.

The House of Staffs, led by Enchantress Queen Alyssa Moonwalker

The women of mysticism and grace are Amazonian Enchantresses-masters of magic. They are highly skilled in the crafts of charm and the supernatural. With alluring tact, they wield a bounty of power, which they train relentlessly to harness. As mistresses of the arcane arts, these sophisticated women vow to use their spells for the greater good of the Gods and to vanquish all evils.

The House of Poison, led by Rogue Queen Waterfall

As stealthy and slender women of the secretive arts, they are the most clever and mysterious of Amazons. They take pride in enigmatic practices and constantly creep around Valorn, keeping mostly to themselves. Their devious method of combat is intricate with poisons and they are unafraid to take risks.

The House of Healing, led by Priestess Queen and Leader of the Clans Agua Verde and Priestess Co-Queen Diel

The women pure of heart who devote their lives to the Gods are the Amazonian Clerics. They are the most spiritual and wise, powerful warriors of the light and the healers to the hurt. They devote everything they are to the Gods and to the people in need. They are self-sacrificing, just, and genuine.


Original Story by Queen Raine

Edited by Queen Agua Verde







































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