Isfirn Valkyrie

Who knows what ideas a Valkyrie, has running through her mind?

Those brave enough to try and find out always do minutes before meeting the tip of her blade.
The heart and mind of a Valkyrie are just defiant and stubborn.

So she decided to lead the life of those she normally guids to Valhalla:

Dying one thousand deaths and more, Isfirn, the Valhalla warrior with long blonde hair and deep blue eyes like night's heaven moved quietly and quickly on the battlefield, slaying everyone infront of her...
until one day her strong but lean body came across a difficult fight taking a hard blow from her enemy before driving her sword into its heart with all the energy she had left.

Among the fog and the dead in a bloodied field, she stood tall at her full height of 7'2", bleeding, staring into nothingness when a young cleric appeared before her; the Noble Diel.

Within minutes her wounds were healed.

The Valkyrie was then led by Diel to the cleric's clan, a clan known to all as the fearless Amazonian Clans of Valorn. They were welcoming and encouraging and very helpful to this roaming Valkyrie.

For the first time in a long time, Isfirn felt home in this human world.

These Amazons are so similar to her, just born for a life of war . . .


My Character in Valorn