In the beginning, Diel was a very well rounded child—her mother a practitioner of healing with herbal remedies and her father a well-to-do farmer and sailor. The combination of her parent's work attracted many customers and lifelong friends which taught Diel to value loyalty in the highest regards. Because she lived in modest cottage on a farm without secular and earthly distractions, she grew to know the lands well: when to plant what, where to rotate certain crops, the power and value in each and every herb, the tides of the ocean and how to travel with the stars. For her, the possibilities were endless...she enjoyed learning of the books from the gods and the different languages of the common folk and the nobles. She could read and write in many languages, had strong spiritual connections with the earth, and was brought up to be very genial, strong willed, assertive and enduring. The gods smiled upon her and such a prosperous family who had overcome so much and yet still faced the world with humility, however, all was truly not well…

There was much trouble in the nearby towns, a grudge had been harbored and was now alive with hostility. The counts and other nobles had been arguing over the division of land, the current Monarch had died leaving every man for himself. The country side regressed into a feudalistic war-state with out any kind of true strategy or ideals in mind, tearing up the land, piece by piece. For a time Diel’s humble family was able to keep their house but on one fateful night, the tables were turned…A motionless presence settled in the air, the clouds rolled and tumbled filling the sky with flashes of what was soon to be and cracked piercing jolts into the ground. Diel and her family were accustomed to the raids by now and could easily fend off hordes of mindless drunks but this time these men were once the King’s- soldiers of the Throne with strategy and superior weapons and a corrupt quest for power and treasures of their own.

The lightning cracked across the sky as the rain began to fall, the moon concealed, mud flew everywhere, the gardens were trampled under the horses’ feet the door was broken down, and all hell rained on Diel. The Knights of the fallen angel tortured her father with bootikens, boots consisted of wedges that fitted his legs from his ankles to his knees. They pounded the wedges, driving them closer and closer together; her father wailed with pain but never gave in to the men’s demands weeping for his only daughter and wife’s sake. They tied Diel and her father down and forced them to watch each of the 4 men kill then rape her mother. Knowing they had crossed a line between man and wife they harvested her father’s anger and beat him while he was vulnerable. Tightly bound with Crushed legs he was helpless…they kicked and hit him with anything and everything and all while Diel watched in horror. The men did nothing to Diel, for living after that was torture in itself they left her bound and stole anything of value, including many fine horses, sheep, and cattle.

Diel did not fail to comprehend the occurrence but failed to understand the evil that manifested behind it all. She could only weep and wriggle on the floor. One week later it was the rain that had saved her, giving her water to drink, at least. Diel was found by men of foreign tongues, oddly dressed, perhaps taking advantage of the ruined nation in flames? They realized her potential worth and threw her into the back of a large wagon with many people—many cultures, some she had never even dreamt of! Slaves. Diel was fed and taken care of by these varied people yet she did not wake for three days. When she did, she did not eat nor speak or even look at any of the people she merely stared, blank and tormented for the duration with these filthy beasts. The moon was always there to guide her, the stars as well…she did not shake her fist in anger at the gods…she knew it was what had to be.

The odd people who discovered her were traveling servants who would perform servitudes and tasks for any given noble as they traveled from one town to the next as gypsies did. The ring leaders did not work; they had the slaves to do their bidding. They worked little and gained everything. They had thought Diel may be their most prized possession for she was healthy from her skin and hair. She was knowledgeable from the books they saw strewn about the home she had been discovered in and able to perform hard labor for the muscles on her back and arms were not that of an ordinary girl…to what extent the men did not know but the potential was obviously there. They tried to get her to speak so that she could allure the noblemen to pay more with seductive means but nothing would break her silence and force her to cooperate. She was beaten many times and whipped for her hush but the physical pain of each slash could never overpower the millions of torn sinews of heart she had suffered having lost her life before and the people in it. Everyone had died and now she was a slave. One day the unusual Gypsies of Slavery wandered into a land of lush vegetation and clear, shimmering rivers.

The people were friendly, all cooperative, like on a ship- sailing the mighty waves as one, taking each task and working with others to get it done. The travelers came to a particular farm, one with large towering trees that sprang many fruits of every hue. They saw an investment and approached the door. A tall slender man with a fragile build answered the door quite irritated. The filthy men and their wretched slaves did not appeal to him and failed to ease his annoyance. As he turned to reach for the door the men yelled “Wait!” and told a tale of false trickery which captivated the naïve man. They ensnared his dreams and ruffled the edges-pulling Diel from the wagon, they said, “This one here! She…she is a sorceress! She has led us through the forbidden lands- guided us through the Abyss of the Impenetrable Forest and we are here now to prove to you her worth.” Diel was now a sorceress who did not speak for she wanted to save her energy to speak her prophecies. The man noticed her bright eyes through the tangled mess of hair, worn from travels and accepted right away for no less than one hundred thousand platinum and 5 of the young fool’s finest steeds.

The gypsies left, snarling and cackling as they walked away, inheriting the world. With the band of thieves gone now, the man smiled and had his servants tend to Diel, cleaning her up, mending every wound and clothing her. He had his cooks prepare a feast and maids to clip fresh flowers to adorn the house. Diel walked out of the chamber wearing the finest silks and brightest colors which made her glow, yet something was missing…her soul. The young ‘gentleman’ was too feebleminded to realize this and only saw her ‘beauty’ in the clothing he gave her. Diel sat at the table and merely stared at all the food. She had not eaten in days, just scraps of this and that. The meat was so tender, the rolls just right, the fruits so plump and rich, yet she did not move nor say a word. The man thought this to be normal and waited as he ate. He spoke to Diel of the nobles and explained all the land’s business and constantly said “I know you know this already, Milady.” The night drew near and he was slightly disappointed but thought that this was just the first night so he dismissed it and sent Diel to her chamber for the night. As the weeks rolled on with the same droll he began to realize he had been doped, lied to, made a fool and so he sent his allies on quest with no true reward across the land but no one had seen these “gypsies” and they labeled him a crazy fool who had gone into a dark alley, found a mute girl and titled her a sorceress. The man became deranged and impractical and took Diel and set off for the desert.

He dragged her through the hot sun and left her with one canteen of water and spat on her then snarled, “I hope you rot in hell for eternity for the name you have given me. You are worth NOTHING!”

The man gave her a kick; as he left galloping off on the horizon, Diel realized what had just happened was the miracle she was hoping for…freedom. She immediately got up and grabbed the canteen and slid down a dune opposite of the sun for shade and to wait for nightfall. Diel prepared herself for the worst- she ripped some cloth off the dress that was provided and made a tie for her hair, then she ripped larger amounts and made a wrap for her face, knowing sand storms were inevitable. At that moment she was certainly glad Sir Liam was once in her life, he had passed through the endless desert and told her of the many treasures…he had spoken of all of Valorn but the desert beset him the most for the horizon was bleak. He told young Diel that the people of Valorn were kind people, willing to help, he promised to take her there one day but he was killed before any part of the travels began. As night fell Diel began to look to the stars for guidance. The moon shined bright and the stars were more apparent than ever. She followed the constellations and thanked the gods constantly. She traveled many nights this way overcoming sand creatures and storms until she finally reached Dundee. When she reached the gates, Diel fell to her knees and wept—tears of joy, tears of regret. She promised her mother and father and to herself she would become something, use her values, skills, her strengths. She wished her loved ones could physically see what she had conquered but deep down she knew they died with a purpose.

Diel stumbled into Valorn, weak and thirsty, and the townspeople responded and got Diel back on her feet and taught her the way of the sword. She knew her full purpose the gods had chosen for her, to end the suffering and make certain the kingdoms would not fall again and to seek out all men of hell and send them back to the wretched hole they came from.

Diel stands 68 inches tall with a very intimidating lanky build- the years seem to have greatly weathered her body but her face remains warm and gentle. Diel's eyes reflect grey-blue and show her past is to be forgiven and Never forgotten. Loyal to the end, she will defend her guild.

My Charater in Valorn