Belladonna Aconite

Belladonna Aconite

Belladonna grew up in the streets of a city filled with corruption, greed and cruelty where the rich and powerful got what they wanted and did as they pleased; where honeyed words, sweet smiles, and empty deeds were an acceptable part of the daily facade, and a thin veneer hid forked tongues dripping with poison and deadly politics. People were destroyed daily and those responsible fed off of their deaths like maggots on a corpse, stock piling the bodies and using them as a ladder to climb to new social heights. All the while those on high watched and smiled, allowing it all, just as long as the forms were met, they did not care.

Tired and soul weary Belladonna fell into despair and like so many before her, sought death. After being mortally wounded after a reckless battle she lay there unconscious. It was then she had the vision. It was then she became a Dark Priestess.

In Death all are made equal, from highest to lowest, they are one and the same

In Death money and power mean nothing, are nothing.

No matter how well you live or how badly, you live only to dance with Her in the end.

Death comes to us all eventually.

With those words Belladonna took on the name Death’s Mistress.

Belladonna helps any and all with a soft smile, gentle hands and a sincere heart, because in the end we are all embraced by Death.

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