Arlanna The Keen

Arlanna’s Known History

Arlanna was the first born on a small farm in the plains just south of Dundee. Her mother died of a horrible sickness a few years after she was born. As she grew up her and her dad became exceedingly close. She helped around the farm all she could and enjoyed it but what she enjoyed more was training with dad. Her dad before he settled down as a farmer was a soldier who had seen many battles. Her dad was quite skilled with the use and manipulation of a sword and he taught her many things. But above all he taught her this that she took deep to heart “in what ever you do stay focused, train hard, stay the course and you shall be the best!”

At the age of 15 one day during the fall harvest she came back to the farm house to a most horrible site, a group of dead demons strewn all about the entrance to the farm house. She saw a trail of blood leading inside; in following it she found her dad slumped in the corner covered in demon’s blood as well as his own. As Arlanna approached she realized he was still alive. Rushing to his side he pulled her close and said with every ounce of strength “You must leave this place, head for Dundee, it is safe. Remember I shall always be with you and I love you.” Upon saying that he put a diamond ring in her hand that was her mothers and pushed her away and she run with tears in her eyes all the way to Dundee. Upon arrival to Dundee she used all her money to buy equipment and from that day on she vowed to kill evil where ever it lurked.

Arlanna is no longer with us in the land of Valorn. She was a strong leader and is greatly missed by her sisters.